Why VoIP leaves your landline behind

Swapping your home phone for a digital service can save you time and money

Might now be the time to swap your outdated landline phone for a cutting-edge, cost-effective, and flexible digital voice service?


Picture this: traditional landlines entangled in a web of copper wires, limiting your communication to one location – wherever your hardwired home phone is plugged in. Now imagine a seamless and wireless alternative offering total freedom to call people from virtually any device, anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. 


By swapping clunky copper cables for high-speed internet, a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) digital phone can transform the way you, your family or business communicates – and from September it’s half price with Voneus Broadband. Before embracing this brave new world, let’s explore the true benefits of VoIP and how it can reshape your perception of the home phone. 


VoIP, also known as digital voice or a VoIP home phone, uses high-speed internet to make and receive calls, transforming the connection into a powerful communication tool and eradicating the need for a traditional landline. Unlike the convoluted process associated with copper wires, setting up VoIP is easy and can offer crystal-clear calls wherever you happen to be. 


A low-cost solution for the remote working revolution


Remote work has gone from pipe dream to reality very quickly, so whether you’re working from home or the pub garden, VoIP can be as flexible as you need it to be. Perhaps you’re dashing out on errands, enjoying a leisurely lunch, or simply on the move. Either way, VoIP allows you to make, and answer calls on your preferred device without being restricted to the confines of a desk phone. 


In a world where financial considerations increasingly matter, VoIP stands out as a cost-effective way to stay in touch with people too. If you’re considering switching, right now you can get a half-price digital voice service from Voneus Broadband for just £6-a-month, reduced from £12, on our 250Mbps plan.


This limited-time offer unlocks the true potential of a VoIP digital phone service without breaking the bank and being able to budget effectively – but that’s not all. You’ll also bid farewell to juggling multiple telephone bills, because it simply gets added to your Voneus internet account. This makes it easy to manage, while eliminating the need for separate landlines and any accompanying charges. 


Plus, pesky long-distance call charges become a thing of the past because VoIP extends the cost savings to international calls, allowing you to connect with friends, family, colleagues, or clients without worrying about the financial toll.


A word of advice…


While VoIP ushers in a new era of communication, it's important to consider your unique needs. For those who require a fixed landline for special requirements or emergencies, VoIP might not be the perfect fit. In such cases, maintaining a traditional landline could offer extra peace of mind. If you’re unsure, just ask us.   


In summary, VoIP is a digital voice solution that transcends the limitations of traditional landlines. It offers unmatched affordability, an easy setup, and the freedom to connect from anywhere. The fact it’s currently half-price hopefully makes it even more enticing. The future is calling – are you ready to answer?


Published 20/09/23