Strong access to broadband the top priority for Brits booking a stay at holiday and caravan parks

Did you know that 83% of people would pay more to stay in a park with a strong internet connection?

Key Highlights:

  • 59% of people said that suitable internet facilities are a top priority when it comes to booking a stay in a caravan or holiday park
  • 83% would pay additional costs to stay in a caravan or holiday park with a strong broadband connection
  • 61% of Brits would pay up to £10 a night extra to stay at a site with fast and stable connection
  • 42% of people would choose a site with reliable internet over one that doesn’t

A stay in a holiday or caravan park is part of the quintessential British experience – but they may become a thing of the past if trip-makers cannot stay connected online. 

Access to reliable broadband is now the top consideration for holidaymakers when looking for a caravan or holiday park to stay in, according to new figures.

Market research recently undertaken by us found 59% of trip-makers look for sites with suitable internet as a top priority when selecting a caravan or holiday park for trips away.

The survey of 3,000 holiday-goers who have visited a caravan or holiday park in the UK within the last five years named reliable broadband as more of a priority than site location (57%) and cost (49%). 

Additionally, 42% of those surveyed have opted for a certain site over another when booking a holiday purely because of the availability and access to the internet.

Despite being on holiday, the data from trip-makers reveals working remotely, streaming TV and films, and gaming, are some of the main reasons people look to jump on the Wifi.

As a result, access to connections with strong download and upload speeds has become more important, with 91% of those surveyed considering broadband connections when looking for places to stay more than they did 15 years ago.

However, it is not just adults who are considering their connections when planning a place to stay, with 43% of parents stating they have had requests from their children to stay at a park with a reliable broadband connection.

For caravan and holiday park owners, the demand for sufficient internet access on holidays could also translate to a boost in income, with 83% of guests stating they would pay additional costs to stay in a site with a strong connection. 

Figures revealed 61% of people would pay up to £10 per night on top for access.

“This market research paints a fascinating picture into the mindset of the modern caravan and holiday park guest and where current priorities lie. By not having sufficient broadband capabilities in place, park operators could be significantly missing out on bringing visitors through the gates during the busiest parts of the year by failing to invest properly in this vital utility. As early planning begins for next year’s summer rush, park owners can take a massive step forward by showcasing they are a modern and forward-thinking site by pushing broadband to the top of the upgrade list.”

Francesca Lee, Chief Commercial Officer at Voneus

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Published 09/11/22